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Amey Gem Lisch

Fairborn, Beavercreek, Ohio and surrounding areas
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I love art, and expressing yourself through it. We, ourselves, are masterpieces, created by the greatest artist of all. For that reason, I believe in the unique beauty EVERY person carries within themselves. Life passes you by so quickly. You get older, your children grow up, your memory fades. Being a photographer is my way of freezing time, capturing each person's beauty, and saving memories that will last a lifetime. Life is only but a moment, gone in the blink of an eye, photographs last for generations and their stories can be retold even when our mind fails us! I believe that every session is unique and part of your life story. 

A session, it's not just checking "family pictures" off your yearly to-do list. It's creating memories, investing in each other and your family. It's being able to look on your wall and smile, or shed a happy tear, remembering that moment in life that was permanently captured - preserved for years to come- a lasting impression for your eyes to see, your hearts to feel, your mouths to re-tell, and your minds to re-live.


1152 Whitetail Dr.

Faiborn, OH  45324

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